Why America is the most powerful county in the world

Why America is the most powerful county in the world. America, also known as the United States of America, short-form is U.S.A or USA. It is the world’s third-largest country by area. And it is the also third most populous country in the world. This country is a very powerful and wealthiest country in the world.

And it is granted that no other country like Russia, Korea, Israel, or India is more powerful than America. Today I am going to tell you about that why America is a very powerful and wealthiest country in the entire world.

Due to Land area

The first reason America is the strongest country in the world is due to its land area. America’s main power comes because of its size. It is one of the largest countries on planet earth. America has an area of 9.834 million km² which is the third-largest land area country in the world.

America is an island nation which helps him a lot because America has no fear of threats on its border like India, and other countries have. America has so many states and due to its very large area, people’s lifestyle is very amazing here. and all people live comfortably here.

Due to Population

The other main reason for being to become America become world powerful country is due to its human resource. America consists of 4.25% of the global population and America is 3rd most populated country in the world after China and India. Due to this America has great human resources like in the army sector, industrial sector, and economy sector.

which makes America more unity together between people. So another main reason for being America’s most powerful country in the world is its population. America’s total population is 331,002,651 number. and day to day American population is increasing continuously due to so many opportunities 

Natural Resource

If the country’s economy is good then it helps any country to become a powerful and strongest country than other countries. And this happens due to many reasons but one of the main reasons is resources, which makes any country rich and powerful. The resource is basically two types natural resource and human resource and America have both of them much more than other countries.

Talking about natural resource America have coal, iron, lead, timber, natural gas, bauxite and uranium and so on. And Another interesting fact about America is that it has 18% of the land is arable land. This helped America to become one of the major exporters of so many things across different parts of the world like technology, information systems, foodstuffs, and consumer goods.

Human Capital

One of the great things about America is it has excellent human capital. America has so many factories, industrial businesses, and corporate businesses which impact very much in America’s economy supports for America. So many big companies come from America itself because America has a very well-managed system for economic growth.

So many big companies like Walmart, amazon, apple, alphabet, Microsoft, hp, and bank of America come from America. Another thing is that most of world richest person come from America itself like bill gates, steve jobs, jeff Bezos, and so on. America always follows this rule in every field either be the first or either be the best, America always follows the best rule. America has the maximum number of doctors and scientists and entrepreneurs. 

Weapon and Army

During world war II, America shows its power with a nuclear bomb. America has the strongest army power from everywhere whether it is land army power, air army power, or marine power. America has one of the best things which is a nuclear bomb. America has a US$693 billion budget for its military army. America has the highest number of fighter jets and bombers than any country.

After America, China and Russia are very powerful countries in army power. America shows its army power so many times, this is one country that can enter any country and can kill terrorists like Osama bin laden, and can do bombarding in syria. this is one country that won world war II and then become the world’s most powerful country ever from now.

America is a smart country

One of the main reasons of being America is America strongest and most powerful country in the world. America is a very smart country, the education system of America is excellent there are so many inventions are started in America like the bulb, nuclear bombs, television, telephone, and so on. America have also the world’s largest Aeronautics and Space Administration organization that is NASA.

America do one thing he bought intelligent scientists and give them citizenship in their own country. So many intelligent people permanently shifted into America. America gives a very high payout than other countries there for so many intelligent and valuable people leave their own country to get a standard and very good lifestyle in America which makes America become richer and more powerful.

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