Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022: Which are the best us stocks to buy: hey if you are also an inverter and invest money in the stock market then today i bring some of the best us stocks to buy in 2022 for high-profit returns. So let’s ready for a new portfolio in your NYSE account. But before giving you the list of best stocks to buy in 2022 let me explain a little about what is NYSE and how to invest in NYSE.

What is NYSE?

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

NYSE full form is the New York stock exchange which is the world’s largest stock exchange market. People from all over the world invest in the new york stock exchange. Its headquarter is located in new york America, and all the stock which are listed on the new york stock exchange are an American company, now let’s see some of the best us stock to buy in 2022.

Alphabet Inc ( GOOG )

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

The company founder is Larry Page and Sergey Brin and the CEO of this company right now is Sundar Pichai, this company comes in the top 5 biggest companies in the world. Google has changed the world completely. It has thousands of products and services which are a must need of people. You should definitely add this company to your portfolio. 

Microsoft Corporation

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

Today we can not imagine a world without computers. This company also comes under the top 5 companies in the world. The computer industry, it have also thousands of product and services which every person in the world who use a computer are using his products. Example of its product is windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft edge, and so on. You should also add this company to our portfolio in 2022. 

Apple Inc

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

The most inspiring and biggest company in the world forever. The founder of this company is steve jobs who is inspirable by millions of ones. Today apple company is a brand name in mobile and laptops because of its product which is unique and best quality products. Apple is such a company that will definitely increase in the stock market because of the need for computers and smartphones. You should add this company in your stock market portfolios. 


Best US Stock To Buy In 2022  

Walmart is the biggest shopping mall in us. Walmart has so many shopping malls in the united states. Walmart is also giving the option of online shopping with free delivery at home. This company is increasing drastically day to day very fast. Walmart is a very big company and in the retail shopping mall business there is no company that can compete with Walmart, you should definitely add this company if you want to get a good return within one to two years.

Amazon Inc

Best US Stock To Buy In 2022

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce company in the world. Amazon has its e-commerce website where people buy online products. The owner of this company jeff Bezos also comes among the top 5 richest people in the world. Amazon also launching so many other products like audible, kindle, etc. this company is also going to give you the best returns for the next one to two years. You should also this company in your portfolio. 

These are the 5 us stocks that you should buy in 2022, i hope you got some value from our article. If you have any queries then please drop in the comment section, thanks for reading this article, and have a nice day to all of you. 

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